Patient Forms

Please take a minute to print and fill out the patient information form before your first appointment:

  • Online Health History Form
  • Flat Dr. Rick and Clark PDF
  • Rick Burns Orthodontics

    Reasons to cancel your appointment

  • Someone in your family or someone you have been in contact with has been exposed to Covid-19.
  • Take the patients temperature before their appointment. If they have a temperature call to cancel.
  • Stay at home if you are sick.
  • Please read before entering   Rick Burns Orthodontics.

  • Please remain in your car until the time of your appointment.
  • We request only the patient enter the building for their appointment. Exceptions are new patients and observation patients.
  • The tooth brushing station is closed at our office and is only available if directed by an orthodontic assistant.
  • Minor patients will receive an orthodontic report card which will outline their appointment, home care, compliance, and what to expect at the next appointment.
  • We will be making the next appointment, if it does not work with your schedule, contact us to change the appointment.
  • You can send payments in with the patient, call us and make a payment over the phone, or visit log into your account and make a payment.
  • Once the patient exits, if you need to enter for scheduling or making a payment please do so at that time. If you have a mask please wear it.
  • Report to our office if a patient or family member that has been to our office develops Covid -19 within 14 days of their appointment.
  • We have the right to refuse to see a patient to protect other patients and staff.

If you’re unable to open PDF files, you can get Adobe Reader® for free.